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Since Tammy has been involved with Family Meditation, she has presented to both the adults and youth the advantages of healing the spirit and mind using polarity and meditation. The response from these participants has been very positive, with several of them asking for more information in order to assist them with their issues. Tammy demonstrates outstanding competence in her knowledge of these fields and is able to deliver her messages verbally as though she had drawn a picture in one's mind. I know for a fact that she has dramatically affected some youth, allowing them to make life changing decisions. She has an ability to make all the parties feel comfortable with the classes, with a balance of structure, empathy and professionalism.

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Polarity Session: I want to thank you Tammy, for all you have done for me. I would not have believed it was possible to remove the anxiety, tension and anger that I have been feeling for 39 years due to the sexual abuse my stepfather inflicted upon me.


I do not believe in God and did not believe that a Polarity session would help me. I decided to give it a try. The one Polarity Session changed my life. I no longer feel the hurt, anger and hostility towards my mother and stepfather for what happened to me long ago. They both came to my home in October and I did not feel the tension that I have had every time I'm around them. My mother sent me a letter afterward stating that the tension she always feels when we are together was not there. The tension was due to what her husband did to me and her denial of it all these years. I tried to explain to her that I had a Polarity Session and I was not bothered by him any more. I have always held this anger in me and I can not believe that I don't feel it when I think of him.

I spent 3 years in therapy back in 1994-96 for sexual abuse. It did nothing for me except make things worse having to complete self-help books as part of the therapy. Reliving the abuse did nothing except make it work.

I just want to thank you again, Tammy. Take Care.


Healing Spirits is such an amazing place. The office is inviting and the staff are so caring. My first session was such a wonderful experience that I have tried other forms of healing through them. I can't say enough about them. Love working with these ladies because they take such good care of myself and my family!


I have been coming to Healing Spirits for a while now. I cannot say enough about how amazing it is. I have had a few Reiki sessions with Tammy, she is such an awesome healer. Just finished taking a meditation and self discovery workshop and I learned and grew so much spiritually. I highly recommend checking out all that Healing Spirits has to offer.


"Absolutely the best meditation I have ever been to " 


The beautiful souls that opened Healing Spirit are a gift to anyone who goes to see them! They have helped me grow so much and really helped me understand myself and who I want to become! Besides the amazing people that go to the drop in meditations and the insight you gain from them, they offer one on one sessions with many different types of healing! Lastly they hold different classes and certification to help you on your own path of enlightenment!


I just enjoyed a most wonderful Reflexology session with Tammy Hawkes! If you're in need of a little soul pampering, please check out Healing Spirits Integrative Wellness Center. You'll be glad you did!!


Such a warm and welcoming atmosphere!! I can walk in and just feel comfortable and accepted. I've had several appointments, took the meditation class, and now attend the weekly drop-in meditations! I look forward to any time I can spend here, and I am so thankful for the love and guidance I continue to receive from all these fabulous ladies!


Healing Spirits is such a heavenly place to be I walked into Healing spirits 2 months ago and I feel like part of the Walls there. The presents of such love and light is all around that place it's serene & comforting! I started with mediation, then private visits with Tammy for my PTSD the amazing work her helping hands have done has changed my life 100 percent full circle, I have struggled all my life being on medicine going to therapist and nobody could ever help with the deep issue's within me. A couple visits latter a new women appeared within myself I'm loving myself enjoying life and helping others. Tammy has brought everything hidden in me out, today I'm a new women hoping to help others the way Tammy has helped me.Tammy is amazing and every one that is part of healing spirits is amazing and are true lite workers amazing women and every single way!

J, G & S. J.

I am thankful this year for my close friends and family and for you and your entire staff at Healing Spirits.  I can’t thank you enough for your love, light and support, trust and most of all for just being you. Like you have said many times life hits us with challenges it is how we handle  them that defines us as a person. Every time I leave healing spirits I am happy to know there are many awesome people around doing their best to heal the world and I do not want them to ever stop. Happy 1st Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving. Stay in the light & love. 

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