Shamanic Practitioner Series

Learn about core shamanism, the original role of the shaman in indigenous societies, and the keys to successful journeying in a modern society. Join us as we explore each shamanic practice as our ancestors performed.  We spend time understanding the why do we do the practice, when it recommended, and the outcome of both self and individual.  Each module is unique in its own way that not only does the individual gains insight but also the Practitioner as he is connects to his power animal and spirit guide.

Basic Shamanic Journey
The shamanic journey crosses the dimensional barrier between time and space. In this class we uncover our own unique power thru journeying to other worlds in non-ordinary time. We experience the art of the Shamanic Journey the way our ancestors did. We discover our own power animal, teachers, and guides to help in our everyday lives. Times run from 10 am to 5 pm $100.00 for this one day workshop. Pre-registration is required.

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**Basic is a prerequisite for the Extraction and Soul Retrieval workshops. If you have taken the basic from someone else please contact us.

Extraction Workshop
Extraction is a powerful shamanic method of removing unwanted energies that that cause illness, depression or other symptoms of the body.
We will learn various extraction techniques, how to direct these energies to a place where they are harmless and how to fill the body with power and light. Using this tool will open the pathway to healing physically, spiritually and emotionally.
Pre-registration is required. This is a two day workshop Cost: $200.00.

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Soul Retrieval Workshop
Soul loss is a shamanic belief that our vital essence, our soul, leaves or becomes fragmented as a result of trauma. Trauma can be from emotional or physical abuse, illness, accident or loss.  In this workshop we will explore what becomes of a lost soul piece, how we help the individual regain the soul piece and integrate it back into “self” allowing it to become that which is “us”.
RSVP is required. This is a two day workshop. Cost: $180.00.

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Classes will be scheduled approximately every other month and will vary on dates. See our Workshops & Events page for upcoming dates and times.

Instructor: Shamanic training is led by Spirit Talker to the Heavens and Earth, Jeane LujanGray. Jeane is a gifted intuitive, psychic and Shaman Practitioner She is able to access the many plans of existence to bring forth information that you need to hear to move forward on your path. Her capacity for compassion and nurturing you with a sense of love of self, always taking you to a new high.


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