Meditation Training


Meditation at Healing Spirits


Our Meditation programs at Healing Sprits are created and led by Tammy Wagstaff Hawkes. Tammy was inspired to write her meditation workshops in 2001 when she was approached by an academic teacher to create a program to alleviate stress by not only teaching meditation techniques but by also teaching life coping skills. Tammy has successfully taught meditation in many environments such as: CRA programs, Rockingham County Juvenile Services, and many small businesses, just to name a few. Click here to read more about Tammy's work with Rockingham County Juvenile Services.


Tammy has developed classes that help assist us to connect to our higher selves, inner wisdom, highest guidance and universal wisdom. In sitting in silence, we can hear the answers to questions we have regarding ourselves and our loved ones. Together with guidance we can have a better understanding of ourselves. Through discovering and releasing our fears and blocks and finding our truths, we will move forward in self-love, self-respect and self- acceptance. Tammy will help her clients realize their highest potential in life and help them to discover a more meaningful purpose.


In addition to Meditation Workshops, we also offer weekly drop-in Meditations to help you maintain a sense of joy and peace. This sacred time is well spent and necessary for your well being. All are welcome and drop-in meditations are a wonderful follow up to our Meditation and Self Discovery Workshops.


Masters Meditations for Reiki Masters and Advanced healing practitioners are also held monthly. We are being asked to come together in meditation and intention to raise the vibrational frequency of the one consciousness. We hope that all Master practitioners will join us as we come together in creating peace on earth at this pivotal time.

Visit our Workshops and Events page for upcoming dates and times. If you did not find the class or workshop you hoped for currently scheduled on our website, please contact us to let us know.

Meditation Workshops


Meditation and Self Discovery Workshop

This 4 week workshop will provide you with the tools to transform your life into a more loving, peaceful and joyous experience. Working with the chakra system, you will be shown how to clear negative energies and create a more positive experience. Learning visualization techniques and guided meditations will leave you feeling fully alive and connected not only to yourself, but to the world around you. Learn Breathing Techniques, clear your Chakras and Aura and connect to your Higher Self.

- Calm the mind for better focus, Learn to release strong emotions such as anxiety and depression,

- Reduce &/or eliminate stress and stress related illnesses,

- Develop insight and wisdom to increase self worth & self love,

- Find peace and serenity,

- Improve overall quality of life.

Youth Meditation Workshop

This three-week workshop will provide youths with the tools to transform their lives into a more loving and peaceful experience. Working with the Chakra system they will be shown how to clear negative energies and create a more positive attitude. Learning visualization techniques and guided meditations will help youths release anxiety and become more relaxed in stressful situations.


  • Learn Breathing Techniques

  • Clear your Chakras and Aura

  • Awaken your Senses

  • Connect to your Higher Self

  • Find Peace and Serenity