Above the Clouds



Hi, my name is Harisis. I am an Army veteran whose passion and purpose is to help others by using my empathetic abilities as well as my experience in physiology and holistic wellness. I utilized these tools in overcoming my own physical and mental trauma. 


Throughout the years I have discovered my ability to be an empath. For years, I ignored my ability to feel the energy of others, my surroundings, and the universe. However, I have discovered that these abilities allow me to see clearly into others' lives so I can understand their situations fully within the context of the universe. These abilities allow me to give friends, family, or strangers advice for their overall best in health and wellbeing. 



After high school, I joined the army to get out of my living situation and to fulfill my life's mission to help others. During my military career of 4 years in active service and 4 years in reserve, I learned about myself and grew as a person. My deployment to Afghanistan and coming back home was where I learned the most. Coming back from deployment was a very dark time in my life. I was seeking help for my TBI from an IED blast.  My chain of command ignored my plea for help. Instead, they would tell me to kill myself and they called me names. This put me in a dark place, and it carried over until I got off active duty. I forced myself to get help from the VA, and all they did was throw pills at me. Their Pharmaceutical treatments numbed me out and made my issues worse. I went on like this for a while until I came across a holistic wellness program funded by the wounded warrior project. The program was out of Boston College where they took disabled vets and paired them with athletes to work out and have wellness classes. It was during this time I got my life back together. I quit smoking, taking pills, and abusing drugs to numb my pain.


This was the start of my journey of healing and finding my purpose. That purpose is to help others during their toughest times and guiding them toward the light. I would love to help you! Please reach out to me for your first life coaching consultation!