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Pathway to Healing

I am an intuitive healer and guide. I am a channel for divine guidance and wisdom. I guide my clients on their pathway to healing by awaking their power within. Together we heal the body, mind, spirit, and heart using many different healing techniques and modalities. 

I facilitate in deprogramming and removing energy blocks such as shame, blame,  guilt, not feeling good enough, and fear. These blocks are created through life experiences.  I have assisted thousands in eliminating anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, P.T.S.D, physical pain and so much more. 

I assist people in connecting to their true selves so that they may move to their highest potential in life.

I do this by shining a light on their individual brilliance. 


Each person that is filled with light and love becomes like a ripple in a pond. They start to share and spread their light and love with others, creating a chain reaction. This will not only create peace within themselves but also for the collective, the whole planet. Together we can create heaven on earth, this is my dream and this is life's mission.



Hi, my name is Tammy Wagstaff (Hawkes). I was born with abilities; some might say “gifts.” Loved ones come to me in spirit form to say goodbye before they pass into the light.  I can see and hear spirits, I have helped many cross over. I have met many of my Spirit guides and some of my Master Teachers, and yes, they are in spirit form. I can see the past lives of some souls.  I can “read” energy, this is the best way for me to describe this. I am an energy intuitive.  At times, I can "hear" what people are thinking and feel what they are feeling. I can also feel where people have physical pain. I have premonitions and I see visions and hear messages about what is going on in the world around us, truth from fiction.

I have always walked the path of service ... Loving yourself and one another will help us move to a more beautiful experience.



Making my first podcast with Heath Cummings was a fun and unique experience. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed being a part of it. Linked below is the podcast .....AND the outtakes. 



Outakes: https://www.facebook.com/livethislife.org/videos/451680046198157

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